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Living Catholic

Living Catholic means being part of the body of Christ in the world as we respond to the Lord to deeper communion with Him every day."

~ Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg

Live your Catholic faith

Live your Catholic faith through the sacraments and participate fully at every age and phase of life.  What is God calling you to do today?

Liturgical calendar year

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis and the Vatican

Need a formation boost?

Find videos and other helpful resources to assist your faith formation, from personal growth in knowledge of the faith, answers to questions about the faith, to assistance in supplementing a lesson plan.

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“Our Catholic faith is not a philosophy, but a way of life. As Catholics, we are called to charity, purity, forgiveness and love. If we believe in this call, we must pray to God for the strength and humility to live it.”

~ Bishop Eusebio Elizondo