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What we believe

We believe in Jesus Christ, the center of our lives

Jesus is the basis on which our faith stands

Jesus boldly proclaimed, "I am the way the truth and the life."  He is the principle around which everything revolves.

Jesus is true God, true man

Jesus is not a simple moral teacher among many.  The apostles and many saints would not have given their their lives for anything less than the real Jesus, the true son of God.

Jesus desires a personal relationship with each of us.

Jesus loves and desires us beyond any human understanding. He calls us to something greater, more fulfilling, something beyond our immediate understanding, to true freedom and joy.                                                              

From The Priority of Christ, Bishop Robert Barron and Francis George, OMI, 2016.  For more from Bishop Barron, go to

Pillars of the Catholic Faith

The Apostles Creed states what we believe, based on scripture and tradition


We actively seek communion with Christ, the Mass and sacraments


We spend time with Jesus to enter into deeper relationship with Him

Life in Christ

We strive to live a life of virtue, to be imitators of Christ

Common questions about the Catholic faith


Are you ready to make Jesus the center of your life?

Our local shepherd

Archbishop Paul Etienne leads a flock of over 1 million Catholics in the Archdiocese of Seattle.  Learn more about him and what's on his mind at his blog, Truth in Love.